WVSL Respecting The Referee 

WVSL Respecting The Referee (CLICK HERE)

All coaches/parents

In the West Valley Soccer League modified rules, it is very clear that adults cannot verbally abuse referees.

For those of you who watch soccer on a regular basis, you know referees make mistakes at all levels of the game. No referee is generally appreciated until you do not have one at all. If we behave badly towards them, no one will do this job for our teams. Referees are not going to change their calls so yelling at them or berating them is not going to help in any situation. Respecting referees is mandatory at all levels of play. Be an example to your players.

In addition, we should all treat our youth referees like they are your own children out there. How would you like your 13-year-old to be yelled at and cursed at by a coach/parent?

If you have a problem with a referee, by all means, send us an email with your comments and we can then work with that referee and make them a better referee for the future.

If you have strong opinions on how a game should be refereed we would love for you to volunteer and referee games for us. Please see the link below on how to volunteer to referee - http://www.realsocal.org/recreational/referee-page

Here is a link to the modified rules document on our webpage and some of the rules related to referees Click here

I agree to:

Not criticize or yell at the referees or other participants, nor express dissent or displeasure over calls or non-calls in the games;

understand that official decisions by the referees should be accepted without rancor or anger, no matter how unfair they may seem; I further understand that the use of behavior, verbal or physical, which is intimidating toward the referee is grounds for immediate dismissal as a coach or parent.

"Bad" calls by the referee are a part of youth soccer that usually go both ways and do not detract from the players' experience unless participants set a bad example of voicing dissent to the referee. Continued misconduct in this area may result in the referee either stopping the game, removing the Participant or the coach of the team from the field for the remainder of the game and the entirety of the next game, and subject that person to discipline by the League or CYSAS, which have the authority to suspend or remove the offending persons from the League or CYSA–S sanctioned events.

Thank you to the large number of people in our organization that already follow these rules. WVSL


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