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Top 12 Rules you should already know

Please take the time to read the WVSL rules document on a website - https://realsocal.demosphere-secure.com/_files/recreational/West%20Valley%20Soccer%20League%20Rules%208%2C1%2C2019.pdf

Game Schedule - The schedule on the website is always the one we go by if you printed out the one that had “draft” on it you should destroy ((CLICK HERE))

Here are the most common rules that don't seem to be followed.

1 - Goalkeeper Safety If the goalkeepers are even remotely in control of the ball, any player interfering with the goalkeeper or attempting to kick the ball from the goalkeeper's control or semi control must be whistled for a foul. The goalkeepers must be protected. Concussion & Safety Information see - http://www.calsouth.com/en/playersafety/

2 - Goalkeeper & drop kicks Goalkeeper Release (No Punts): Punts and or drop kicks are not permitted. The ball must be distributed by a throw, place kick, or kick from a dribble.

3 - Offside’s and PK's in Div 11 and up

4 - Borrowing players Borrowed players must be age-appropriate or younger. Coaches who knowingly play a player that is NOT age-appropriate (older) will be subject to immediate removal as a coach. Playing an older player in your game not only opens the league to litigation. The coach would also open him or herself up to personal liability for knowingly playing an older player Under no circumstances are you allowed to play a player not registered to LAFC So Cal Youth. Coaches who knowingly play a player not registered to LAFC So Cal Youth will be subject to immediate removal as a coach. Playing a non-registered player not only opens the league to litigation. The coach would also open him or herself up to personal liability for knowingly playing a non-registered player. http://www.realsocal.org/recreational/wvsl-borrowing-players

5 - NO DOGS ALLOWED - We mean it.

6 - the Home team is "random" and decided by a coin flip. Home team picks Sidelines No coach or parent may stand behind or beside the goal. Spectators should remain on the sidelines. Each team and ALL their parents AND their coaches should be on the opposite sideline. Keep yourself, your players and your parents back at least 1 to 2 feet from the sidelines so the refs can do their job and players don't run into those on the sidelines.

7 - Referee Div 9 and up PLEASE understand that ALL official decisions by the referees should be accepted without rancor or anger, no matter how unfair they may seem & further understand that the use of behavior, verbal or physical, which is intimidating toward the referee, is grounds for immediate dismissal as a Coach. If a parent or spectator verbally or physically intimidates the referee. The referee can stop the game until the parent or spectator in question leaves the field. All coaches are required to submit the names of any parent/spectator breaking this rule. WVSL has a zero-tolerance to this behavior. Anybody breaking this rule is subject to being banned from the league.

8 - Shin guards (ALL players are required to wear shin guards. how to wear them correctly please see link below) According to FIFA, shinguards should be "covered entirely by the stockings, Made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substance), and provide a reasonable degree of protection. http://www.eteamz.com/wvsl/fil es/SoccerRulesforShinGuards. pdf LAFC So Cal Youth will not allow a person to play or practice soccer without shinguards. Coaches, it's a good idea to carry an extra pair of shin guards as part of your regular equipment, so that when the parents are irresponsible, the child is not penalized. Purchasing good shinguards should be a top priority for every parent.

9 - Playing time: Each player SHOULD BE GIVEN EQUAL playtime. (More than 50%) Unless the player is unable to play due to injury or illness or unwilling to play, there are NO acceptable exceptions. http://www.realsocal.org/recreational/wvsl-playing-time

10 - Scoring winning by a margin of more than six goals (div 7 and up) Failure to follow this rule (winning by a margin of more than six goals) will result in. First reported offense - a Written warning from the league Second reported offense – your team will be withdrawn from the schedule for the following week. One game suspension Once back from your one game suspension if it happens again your team will be disbanded. It is the losing coaches discretion whether they report the loss to the league or not If the coach feels the opposing coach did everything they could to help the situation he does not have to report it. If you are losing by a four (4) goal margin you should add 1 player. (remove an additional player if goal margin is reduced to three).

11 - Guidelines for playing soccer on a hot days http://www.realsocal.org/recreational/guidelines-for-playing-on-a-hot-day

12 - Goals First games of the day build the goals. Last games on schedule need to bag the goals and put them away.

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