WVSL Field Monitor Responsibilities

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WVSL Field Monitor is a very important role in our organization making sure game day goes off without any problems.

We are looking for people that can think on their feet and solve problems as they come up and has good conflict resolution skills.

WVSL Field Monitor Responsibilities Please wear the provided West Valley Soccer staff shirt    

Show up 30 minutes prior to your first game and make sure all the goals are available and out for the coaches to build

Before all games check the player and coach’s cards for each team.

If there are players/coaches missing please report back at the end of the day via email to Paul Clifton, wvsoccer@gmail.com the team and the player’s name.

You can always check teams against their rosters which are in the field book. If a team does not have cards, you can check them in using the rosters in the field book. At the end of the day report via email to Paul Clifton, the team name.

Make sure each team is on opposite sides of the field. Keep your games on Schedule.

Make sure all assigned referees have shown up and are on the correct field. Make adjustments for no show refs or if we do not have enough refs for every field split refs up so there is at least one referee on each field

Make sure all referees understand the rules of the age group they all refereeing that day

When new referees come for their one-hour training session prior to the refereeing make sure they understand the rules for that age group and how to deal with parents and coaches on the sideline. Make sure they understand that you are there to help them during the game.

The better we train the referees and make them as comfortable as possible the fewer problems we will have in the games

Make sure you watch each field in the first quarter and assess how the referee is doing and make assessments on the behavior of each sideline.

Check in with the referees at the end of the first quarter and make sure everything is going OK. Give them assistance with any problems regarding how they are refereeing or the behavior of the parents on the sidelines

Stay connected with the fields you are responsible for (Stay where both the coaches and referees can see you and get your help if needed)

Report back to the league any problems you have with a team so we can keep track of teams that are constantly giving us a problem

At the end of the game day make sure all goals have been put away correctly

If we have issues with bad behavior with coaches or parents, please stay as professional as possible. Please separate the arguing parties to de-escalate the situation. Instruct all parties that bad behavior must stop immediately – describe the behavior or the game will be called.

You have the authority to stop any game and send everybody home if the situation is getting out of hand

Please send to the referee coordinator any issues you have had with referees i.e. no-shows

Report back to the league any problems you have had with the player cards or bad behavior

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