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We have just been promised the uniforms on the 16th. As previously mentioned, we will be distributing the uniforms using a lottery system - meeting by division, with 1st choice uniform colors by lottery at your division's meeting time ONLY.

(You CANNOT pick up your uniforms prior to your age groups meeting time.)

This meeting is for coaches or assistant coaches only. (My point is that it's not for all the player's parents to come and pick up a uniform at this meeting) We would prefer no children (it's boring)

We would prefer to see the coaches as it is an opportunity to discuss your individual division's needs.

IF you can not make the meeting please make sure somebody from your team shows up.

Sorry for the short notice, but in the interest of getting them to you quickly, the division meetings will be as follows It is very important that you arrive on time at your division's time slot!

August  17th Saturday

9:00am - Div 5 Boys & Girls (6 / 5 teams)

9:45am - Div 6 Boys & Girls (13 / 9 teams)

10:30am - Div 7 Boys (19 teams) 

11:15am - Div 7 & 8 Girls (14 / 14 teams)

12:00pm - Div 8 Boys (24 teams)

1:45pm - Div 9 & 10 Boys (13 / 12 teams)

2:30pm - Div 9/10 Girls (21 teams)  

3:15pm - Div 11 Boys & Girls (15 / 13 teams)

4:00pm - Div 12 Boys & Girls (13 / 12 teams)

4:45pm - Div 13 Boys & Girls (6 / 10 teams)

5:15pm - Div 14/15 Boys & Girls (7 / 7 teams)

at West Valley Soccer League (corporate office) 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

If you, your assistant coach or a team parent cannot come to this meeting Uniforms will be available during regular business hours the following week

1st choice for uniform colors is decided by lottery in your division's time slot ONLY, you CANNOT pick up uniforms before your meeting, SORRY

If you are a coach of more than 1 team, you can come at the LAST scheduled div meeting time that you have a team in and pick up all your team's uniforms (the colors will be what is left over)

When handing out your uniforms please make sure you distribute them by size and not by number (Ian wants to be # 10 but he is the smallest kid on your team) the number 2 shirt will be the smallest. The sizes will get bigger as the numbers get higher. ALL the uniforms are on the large size and we would like you to use them for the fall and spring program. The uniforms are not manufactured by Armani and they are not supposed to be tailor-made. We do not order the uniforms based on what the parents put on the application form (would be impossible to order 2,500 custom uniforms sizes. the uniform manufacture uses a formula that usually works.

If you have more players on your team than the official # of players in that age group I.E -

6 players Div 5 & 6

7 players Div 7 & 8

9 players Div 9 & 10

12 players Div 11 & up

You will need to keep the slip of paper that comes with the uniforms and send the Uniform coordinator an email ASAP with Team Name, Div, & the color code that you picked (PNK/BLK) and size you need. The # will be the next # in line. 

PLEASE SEND A NEW EMAIL ! to WVSLUniforms@gmail.com

Coaches name - Subject: WVSL New Uniform (Your team name)

Coaches phone # -

Team Name - Division, (e.g. Div 6)

The color code that you picked ( e.g. PNK/BLK)

Jersey Style # (e.g 211)

and size you need. (e.g. YXS, YL)

The # will be the next sequential number. Or Tell us the # you need.

This is a mass e-mail to all WVSL coaches please do not reply to this e-mail.

For color code and jersey style # Fall 2019 Boys 215 Girls # 277 ( + some 221 Boys & Girls) see -


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