How Do I Sign Up My Team? – New and Returning Coaches

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How Do I Sign Up My Team? – New and Returning Coaches


NEW RULES Please Click Here... 

Please make sure you understand and agree to abide by all the rules of our program before committing your team to play with us this fall. We completely understand if our program does not fit you needs or your team.


Each Div. 9 and up team will need to referee a minimum of 4 games. ((click here))

Only teams that have for completed their referee requirement will be scheduled to play on the last day of the season.


Fall League

If you are planning to coach this fall please follow the procedures below.


Coaching Education page - ((Click Here))

NEW - Please send the WVSL Team Application Form with your apps (Click here)  We can only have one head coach per team. We will only be working on schedule conflicts for head coaches only. You can only be the head coach of a maximum of three teams

Coaches - YOU MUST round up your team's completed applications/fees and send them in 1 Package. By May 31st.

Each team has the opportunity to send in the minimum number of players (see here)

If a team does not have the minimum number of players. players are assigned from the player pool. We have no way of knowing the player's skill ability in a blind draft. We try to match up players from the same school or city.

The only time you would not get pool players if there were not enough pool players to hand out that year.

PLEASE make yourself a copy of the apps.

You cannot email me in July with that last player that you needed - I HAVE TO PLACE POOL PLAYERS who signed up on time FIRST!!

All player applications sent directly to the office will be considered to be DRAFT players.

WVSL league policy regarding tryouts: There are no tryouts for new or returning players. An open audition/tryout, called for by a new or current coach/team parent is prohibited. If you invite a player to your team you then can NOT tell that player that they did not make the team. Thank You 

Parents if you are told by your fall coach that your child is not welcome to come back or you are invited to a team practice and the coach tells you your child is not good enough for the team please send us an email with the coaches name and a brief description of the events Thank you.


The first three teams in each division that send in a complete application package before May 24th (With a full team and ALL the below requirements) will be the first three teams that pick uniforms at the uniform lottery night. Teams that did not participate in our referee program the previous season are not entitled to participate in this program.
After the first three teams have picked their colors we will revert back to our old lottery system. 

1 - Round up your team's completed applications & fees 

2 - Make yourself a copy of the apps.

3 - Fill in the Team Application Form with you apps ((CLICK HERE))

4 - Send them in 1 Package. By May 31st (West Valley Soccer League. 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367

Thank You


Can I play UP an age group?  Yes (If it's OK with the coach of your team)

Can I play Down an age group?

Unfortunately, based on new WVSL bylaws, there is no longer a medical play down release. All players must play age appropriate based on the age groups posted on our website.

Can I play on a Real So Cal team and Play WVSL? NO Sorry

Can I play on a CYSA Club team or AYSO Club team and Play WVSL? NO Sorry

Can I play on 2 WVSL teams? No Sorry

Can I play on an AYSO Rec team and Play WVSL or Club? Yes (But we do not recommend)


Is it possible to have 1 or 2 more players on my team?
ONLY if ALL the parents understand that it will affect their kids playing time,


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