Guide – Best Ways to Join WVSL’s Youth Soccer Program

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Guide – Best Ways to Join WVSL’s Youth Soccer Program

1 - Decided to coach your child. Round up the appropriate number of age-appropriate friends and start a new team

2 - Decide to coach your child. If you do not have any other age-appropriate players for your team we will add players to your team from the player pool

3 - Join a team that is being formed by one of your child's friends parents. (That is coaching)

4 - Put together a group of age-appropriate players (The bigger the group is the more likely you will need to provide the coach)

5 - Sign up as an individual and be placed in the player pool we will add you to a team based on where you go to school / the city you live in (we try to match up individual players with the team from your school or your city but obviously that does not always work)

If we have 60 players registered in an age group that is 6 players per team that would be 10 teams

If all 10 volunteer coaches live in Winnetka technically all 10 teams would be Winnetka based teams.

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