Fall 2019 Open Registration is now closed

Fall 2019 Open Registration is now closed

If you are on the waiting list you can be placed right away if you coach!!!
If you have an interest in coaching PLEASE let us know ASAP 

First, we have to assign to teams all of the 2,200 players who signed up by the June 17th deadline. Once we get that completed then we will know if we have room for more!

Space is limited only by the number of coaches - the more coaches we get, the more teams/players we can place.
OK to get your child placed on the waiting list
PLEASE sign up ASAP !! We will try to place your child. (If we do NOT find a team we will not cash the check) 
Please write "waiting list" on the top of your application.
Please complete your Registration ONLINE. Click on the following link to start the process. Go To Online Registration. MAKE SURE YOU PRINT THE REGISTRATION FORM AND SIGN IT.
Send to (with your $190) - We will only cash your check if we placed your child on a team. At the end of the season, we shred all the applications and checks for players that do not make it on to a team.
West Valley Soccer League, 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367
At this time, we have limited openings in most divisions: 
Please note that we do expect players will drop. From now until the season starts. As drops occur they will be replaced with players from the wait lists on a 1st come basis.


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