We will be building the XX schedule soon

All the teams that have fulfilled the refereeing requirement already THANK YOU!

Please see the attached, Green is for games completed, Red is for the # of games you still need to Referee.

IF you have not fulfilled the refereeing requirement (all 4 games)

A - Please send me an email that you are committed to refereeing the games before the end of the season


B - Please send me an email indicating your team will not be refereeing this season and will not be playing on XX

The deadline for these email commitments is XX

If we do not receive an email by that date we will assume you are not playing on XX

If you feel that you have referred more games than the PDF shows please send me the details of the games you have referred, day, school, time, field #.

Please see the link below for the refereeing scheduling webpage - http://www.realsocal.org/referee-sign-up

Team Refereeing requirement info - 


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