Player/Parent Handbook

Please review the Player/Parent Handbook for complete information on the club, parent and player responsibilities and more information on playing competitive soccer with Real So Cal.
RSC Parent/Player Handbook

Registration Checklist
The items listed below must be completed and delivered to the Team Administrator where noted. Additional details are below.

  1.    Online Registration
  2.    Two copies of the Registration Form (print at the conclusion of online registration process) both originally signed in an ink color other than black. Don’t forget to initial the Roster Freeze box on the lower right side of the form. – Deliver to Team Administrator
  3. $200 online payment to Real So Cal if you are opting out of volunteering this season at time of registration. – Deliver confirmation email to Team Administrator
  4.    Birth Certificate – Original birth certificate and two copies if the player is new to Real So Cal. If they are an existing player with Real So Cal, check with your administrator to see if there is a birth certificate on file. – Deliver to Team Administrator
  5.    Photo – If registering in the middle of the season, a headshot photo of the player must be emailed to Team Administrator - jpg format required. No hats/sunglasses
  6.    Payment – Credit card verification or a check for at least the minimum amount due. No player can be registered without payment. – Provide the Check or credit card payment verification to your Team Administrator
  7. Team fees of $200 (separate from opt out of volunteer hours fee) or the amount requested by your administrator to cover tournaments, referee fees, coaches expenses, etc.  Additional fees may be needed throughout the year dependent on your team’s individual schedule. - Deliver to Team Administrator  

Online Registration
READ THIS SECTION IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION PROCESS.  Then start the process by clicking on the RSC Registration link after the instructions below.  If you would like a copy to print and have while you are going through the registration process, you can click here:  
Printable Instructions

Once you have read the instructions and clicked the RSC/Calsouth registration link . . . .

  • Click on “Registration” tab
  • Select a season by clicking on the arrow \/ and selecting “Fall 2019-20".
  • Then click on the box next to “Player Registration”.
  • If you are a returning player, enter your user name and password.  If you forgot your username or password, click on Forgot Username or Password”.  If that fails and you know you have an account, go to “Create New Account”.  Enter your personal information and create a new user name and password.  If you are in the system, it will find your account by matching your information and request you to confirm that it is your account.
  • If you are a new player, click on create new account


If you have problems signing into your account, please call Affinity (Cal South) tech support @ 1-800-817-5977.

  • Once you are in your account, if all the players you are registering are listed, click “Continue”.  If they are not listed, click on “add new player”.  Enter information and press “add”
  • Once the information for the players you are registering is complete, press “continue”. 
  • Press “register as player” button next to the player you are registering first. Select play level as “competitive”.
  • The age group will show on this page.  This reflects the age group for your player based on birth year.  Please do not worry about this field and allow the default.  We build the teams manually.
  • Enter school and grade player will be attending in the fall.  Make sure you enter emergency contact information.
  • If you want to register a second player, you can do so now by clicking on “Save & Register Another” and following the same instructions as the first player.
  • Once you have entered all players, click on “Save & Next Page”.
  • Read the Electronic Legal Agreements (ELA’s) and accept each one individually.  Click “Agree & Continue”

Payment is NOT made in this system so when prompted, click the green “No payment, continue” button at the bottom of the pagePayment needs to be made on the Real So Cal website.

  • Click on “Print receipts and forms” and print two copies of the registration form for each player you registered.  These must be originally signed in a pen color other than black and given to your administrator.  Do not forget to initial the Roster Freeze box on the registration form as well.  If you would like a copy of the Electronic Legal Agreements (ELA’s) you signed during the registration process, you can also print them at this time by clicking on “Print ELA”.

RSC/Cal South Registration Link

Birth Certificate
Provide two copies of the player’s Birth Certificate. New players must also submit an original or certified copy of the Birth Certificate to the Administrator for verification by the Registrar. The original will be returned. Under NO circumstances will a hospital birth record be accepted.

Player Pass Picture
At the beginning of the season, we will make arrangements for pictures to be taken of the players.  If you are signing up mid-season, you will need to send a picture of your player, in .jpg format with the file name “lastname, firstname-DOB” Send this file to your administrator.  No hats/Sunglasses.  If you do not have a computer/smartphone, please provide a headshot passport size photo of the player so your administrator can do this for you.

2019-20 Season and Prorated Fees/Payments
The minimum payment must be made to Real So Cal at the time of registration. Check with your team administrator for the minimum amount due and available payment plans. Payment can be made online or via check.  Below are the fee schedules.  Please click on the birth year of your team.

Only Non Academy 2001-2012 team's fee schedules are listed below.  Academy teams will receive their registration information from their Team Administrator when it is available

Injury and Illness Policy

Online Payments can be made hereVISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX ONLY

Checks must be made out to “Real So Cal”


2001-2005 teams Refund Schedule
DROP/TRANSFER up to 8/15- Refund = Registration paid in excess of $1,100
DROP/TRANSFER Between 8/16 & 11/15- Refund = Registration Paid in excess of $1,650

2006-2010 teams Refund Schedule

DROP/TRANSFER up to 5/31- Refund = Registration paid in excess of $1,100
DROP/TRANSFER Between 6/1 & 7/31- Refund = Registration Paid in excess of $1,650

2011 teams Refund Schedule
DROP/TRANSFER up to 8/31- Refund = Registration paid in excess of $1,000
DROP/TRANSFER Between 9/1 & 12/1- Refund = Registration Paid in excess of $1,500

2012 teams Refund Schedule
DROP/TRANSFER up to 8/31- Refund = Registration paid in excess of $1,000
DROP/TRANSFER Between 9/1 & 12/1- Refund = Registration Paid in excess of $1,250


Financial Aid

Financial Aid is also available from Real So Cal and is provided solely on a need basis. Details are listed in the parent/player handbook.

Please note that you must also fill out a financial aid application if you are paying full price but request a different payment plan other than the three payment program. At the beginning of the season, all Financial Aid Applications must be submitted to Howard Fink for approval by team registration date or May 17th for the youngers (2006-2011) and June 7th for the olders (2001-2005) whichever comes first.

Howard Fink
Real So Cal
6430 Variel Avenue #103
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


The financial aid form will be returned promptly either denied or approved with the financial aid details.  Financial aid plans must be acknowledged and accepted by the family by return email.  


Every member who joins Real So Cal agrees to complete 4 hours of service for the organization.  The detailed policy can be found here

(Volunteer and Financial Aid Hours Policy) 

(Volunteer and Financial Aid Hours Policy Spanish)


Uniforms - This is a new uniform year.  Uniforms are now available for purchase at Niky's Sports.


Uniform Price List & Store Location


Per club policy, the complete uniform (including BOTH blue AND white jerseys, black shorts & socks) and NIKE black backpack are required purchases, with the Club designated warm up suit being optional. Uniforms must be purchased at Niky's Sports. The team administrator will manage the numbers for all players. The player will need to go purchase the uniform. Please make sure you purchase the correct size and for the correct gender. Once your uniform is logoed and numbered, there are no returns allowed.


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