Lost and Found


  • Purple penguin case iPhone 4 - 8/20/2016
  • A gold necklace with a name "Cameron" on it in script - Pierce 08/04/2016
  • Pateadores black soccer backpack - Pierce 5/13/2016
  • 2016 Grey State Cup Sweatshirt, size adult small - Pierce or North Ranch first week of May
  • 2016 Grey State Cup Sweatshirt, size adult small - North Ranch, 3/2/2016


  • RSC bag found at Oak view and it is in their main office. It is has the initials CW on the bag - 10/11/2016
  • Size 4 silver, black and blue soccer ball with the name Kozikaro-SAnchez on it . No phone number. - Found on the soccer fields closest to the Pierce College baseball diamond (Winnetka side) on Sunday 09/18/2016. If there is someone in WVSL or RealSoCal club with that last name, please contact Sanjee Gupta.
  • The following items were found at the noted fields on Sunday 01/16/2017.  If anything belongs to your player, you can pick it up at the office during office hours which can be found on the front page.
    • North Ranch:
    • OPHS


To add an item as lost or found, please email our web administrator at webmaster@realsocal.org

Last Updated 01/17/2017



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