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Field Information - UPDATED MAY 9, 2019

If there is an urgent situation regarding fields, goals or shed lock, on the west side (North Ranch/Oak Park, Oak View),  please contact Jeremy Conyers 949-887-9691 or

For Pierce College urgent situations, contact Paul Clifton at 818-634-9111 or Many of your fellow coaches have the info as well so you can always reach out to them.

If you require field open/close instructions, please contact Mike Kitain at 805-338-9337 or  Be sure to state your name, team name, role and whether you need open or close instructions or both.

The field reservation calendars appear on the right hand side of this page. Click on the specific field  location you want to easily see the full schedule for the field.  If viewing this page from a smartphone, the field reservation calendars will appear at the bottom of this screen....scroll down.

Coaches/Managers - To reserve Oak Park High School Turf, Oak Park High School Lower, Oak View, Pierce College* for weekend days, 

Weekend Field reservation form (Click Here)

First, check the calendars for availability, and then reserve one week in advance to allow for field lining and/or calendaring courtesy. Specify the SIZE FIELD you need and the coach and team name that will be utilizing the field along with the start and finish time you are requesting. You will receive a confirmation. Please cancel promptly if your plans change. Do not put in place holder reservations in case you need the field. In particular, we share Oak Park High School with the school and if we have availability we allow the school to use the field during our permit window.

*Note there are three calendars for Pierce. Be sure to check the correct one for the field size needed. VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE – if you are utilizing a field at Pierce on a weekend, the coach MUST have a field usage permit pass on his/her person. Campus police will escort you off the field if you do not have the pass on hand. The passes will be distributed with coach paychecks at the end of January.

To reserve weeknight space for any field, or to reserve Balboa/Sepulveda Basin weekdays or weekends, please contact AB. 

North Ranch is typically not permitted to us on weekends other than during league season. For weekend inquiries, check with AB as well. We do not have North Ranch on weekends from January through Labor Day.

Northridge Futsal and Valley Soccer Center are calendared by Lloyd Biggs and the schedule should be posted one week (when possible) before the start of the month. Should you have any questions about your assigned slot, please contact Lloyd for assistance., 805-708-7533.

Oaks Christian High School lower is available on a limited basis for training in the spring and fall. This is scheduled by AB. League games are played there in the fall.

Per the player parent agreement that parents and players signed at time of player registration: 

No pets* are allowed on the fields under any circumstances even if they are on a leash. Please know that you will be asked to leave the field if you bring a pet with you to a practice or a game. Our permits require us to enforce the no pet rule. Our gaming leagues (SCDSL, ACADEMY, CRL, WVSL, etc.) also require enforcement of these rules for home and away games. Parents/players are responsible for notifying extended family and friends of this rule prior to their attendance at a game or practice.

*Registered service pets are exempt from this policy.


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